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Foggy Forest


Sarah was the first naturopath I had seen, and before I’d stepped into the room, I was already excited to delve into the new experience head first.
The experience itself was awakening, learning more about myself and the connections between my health and surroundings. Sarah made sure I understood everything that was explained, putting things into layman’s terms, for someone that had never seen a naturopath before.
It felt like we would never have enough time, learning that so many ailments can be resolved through natural medicine.
I would see Sarah again without a doubt. Being an incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely caring person makes having a consultation with Sarah an experience to look forward to.

Terese Davey

Before seeing Sarah I had never been to a naturopath. I was interested in ways to improve my health and well being and didn’t feel I was getting much out of my GP. I was nervous about branching out but felt completely at ease with Sarah during my appointment. I was impressed by the results I saw from taking bush flowers and a magnesium supplement Sarah had prescribed me. I would highly recommend her services.

Jennifer O'Brien

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