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Welcome, welcome!

Thanks for coming to have a peek and seeing what I'm all about. 

If you ever have any queries, please feel free to reach out otherwise have a read of my story below and let's start connecting xx

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My Story

Having grown up in a large family, I have a BIG love of community. In our family, we actually didn't get to eat the freshest vegies, had limited nutrition (think sausage & three veg) and had antibiotics all the time. 


As a child, I was really in my head- with pretty significant psychological symptoms that I had no idea wasn't normal until I became an adult. I wouldn't sleep, made mum check behind curtains (as well as under beds and in cupboards every single night because I was genuinely terrified), had disordered eating from quite a young age and would hate going to kinder every week. I experienced trauma which really set my nervous system up to be quite reactive to quite a lot of things.

Then as a teenager, the disordered eating got worse (and so too, did the anxiety and depression) while I just tried to make it through every day with such conflicting thoughts. 

And yet- as I sit back now and look at all of this- it's almost unrecognizable. I started working with my own naturopath when I was going through major stress in my adult life (queue working 50-hour weeks, studying full time and nearly pooing my pants daily). I absolutely fell in love with the idea of treating the underlying cause and loved that I could have it all.


I could work all the hours, study all I wanted AND have manageable stress. For the first time in my life- I wasn't anxious and didn't have low mood anymore.

As a Naturopath myself now- I think that probably wasn't the best (and it would've been better if I could've decreased my workload/stress levels just a tad) but it helped me to understand that I could be a part of the change in the world. 

The naturopath I am now is someone who is super kind and understanding of where you are RIGHT now. Mental health can feel super isolating and lonely- but I help you to realize how much power you have to change that and feel completely different. 

I love working with kids and teens- especially to help them to avoid feeling the way I used to and to set them up for life by using preventative medicine. 

But I also just simply live for working with people who are 

a) ready to feel better than they ever have before

b) trust the process

c) have big ambitions but feel held back because of their health

d) feel a little stuck and like nothing can change

Because I am ready to prove you wrong. 

If you are looking for someone to go on a healing journey with, who understands where you are at, the frustrations you may have experienced, or generally want to understand your health better - you have come to the right person.

I care deeply about inclusion of all people. If you are feeling worried about seeing a practitioner, please reach out and I will do all I can to ease your worries and make my practice feel like a safe place for you.

Sarah xx

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